Famous actress becomes mother and grandmother of her own child, strange case of surrogacy will surprise you, creates ruckus!


People do anything to fulfill their children’s wishes. They themselves face problems, but try to provide every facility to their children, which can improve their life. In such a situation, imagine if someone’s child is dying and he tells his last wish, can any parent refuse it? Probably not. Something similar happened with Spanish TV actress Ana Obregon (Ana Obregon surrogacy). Ana’s son Aless died in the year 2020 due to cancer. At that time he was only 27 years old. Just before dying, Aless told that he wanted to become a father.

In such a situation, Spanish TV actress Ana Obregón decided to fulfill her son’s last wish by using surrogacy. This story of famous TV actress Anna is going viral on social media. When 68-year-old Spanish celebrity Ana told during an interview with a magazine that recently a girl was born in her house through surrogacy, who is biologically related to her late son, there was an uproar in the entire country. Hola Magazine In an interview, Anna told that this baby girl born through surrogacy is not only her daughter, but also her granddaughter. Let us tell you that Ana gave birth to her baby girl on March 20, 2023 in a hospital in Miami, who was named Baby Ana Sandra Lecio Obregón.

According to Ana Obregon, when her son got cancer, he froze his sperm before starting chemotherapy. After his death, the actress started the process of conceiving her son’s child. She said that Aless wanted to bring his child into the world. Since Ana’s child was born in America, she now has citizenship of two countries. But when the news of Ana getting pregnant through surrogacy came, there was an uproar in the whole of Spain. Many people questioned this decision. Let us tell you that surrogacy is illegal in Spain. Due to this, Ana turned to America and gave birth to a child.

Let us tell you that Ana was born in Madrid, Spain on 18 March 1955. When she became pregnant through surrogacy, she was 67 years old. Since she knew that it is difficult to give birth to a child through surrogacy while living in Spain, she turned to America. There in Miami, she became pregnant through surrogacy and became the surrogate mother of her deceased son’s child. However, hardly anyone can show the kind of courage that Ana Obregon showed. Despite the opposition of many people, she is happy with her daughter.

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