Explainer: What is xenophobia? Why did America curse India by saying this


Joe Biden Xenophobia: US President Joe Biden’s xenophobic statement about India last week is in the headlines. Joe Biden had said that xenophobia (dislike of foreigners) is stopping China, Japan and India. The US President said that migration has been good for the American economy. He said, “The main reason for the growth of our economy is you and others. Why? Because we welcome immigrants. Why is China ruining economically? Why is Japan worried? What are the problems with Russia and India? Because they are xenophobic. They don’t want immigrants. “Migrants only strengthen us.”

In fact, migration has become a major issue for the US presidential election. Biden has also condemned former President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric. Biden says that immigrants are not a cause of trouble, but an important part of our economy.

what is xenophobia
Those who hate outsiders are called xenophobic. That is, in the eyes of Joe Biden, India is a country that hates people from other countries. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, xenophobia means disliking or fearing foreigners, their customs, their religion, etc. According to Merriam-Webster, xenophobia means fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or anything strange or foreign. In other words, disliking foreigners is called xenophobia.

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Are you giving statements because of the elections?
Regarding Joe Biden’s xenophobic statement, it is also being said whether he is saying such things because there is a presidential election in America in November this year. Raising the issue of immigrants, Joe Biden said, “You people are one of the main reasons for the growth of our economy. We welcome outsiders, but many countries consider such people a burden. Why is China stagnating so badly economically, why is Japan having problems, why is Russia having problems, why is India not growing, because they are xenophobic. “They don’t want immigrants, but the truth is that immigrants make us stronger.”

What did the IMF estimate
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) had estimated last month that in the year 2024, the growth of each country will slow down compared to last year, which will range from 0.9 percent in developed country Japan to 6.8 percent in developing India. The IMF estimates that America’s growth rate will be 2.7 percent, which is slightly more than last year’s 2.5 percent. Many economists attribute the better-than-expected performance partly to immigrants increasing the country’s labor force.

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Irregular migration is a big issue in America
Irregular migration is a major concern for American voters ahead of the presidential election in November. Biden has condemned the country’s former president and his Republican Party rival Donald Trump’s statement against migration. Joe Biden has talked about promoting extensive economic and political relations with countries like Japan and India to counter China and Russia around the world.

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