Explainer: What is hush money, of which Trump is guilty, why is it serious in America



Hush money means paying money quietly to hush up a matterTrump was found guilty of tampering with records in this caseWhy such cases are always found to be serious in America

The former US President and the main contender from the Republican Party in the presidential elections has been found guilty by the jury in the hush money case. Let’s know what hush money is and why it is serious.

The term hush money has been mentioned repeatedly in the case of Donald Trump. Do you know why this term is used and why it is considered more serious than other cases in America? Even a rape case is not as serious as this in America.

Question – What is hush money?
– Hush money is a term for an arrangement in which one person or party pays another an attractive sum of money or other inducement to keep quiet about an embarrassing act or behavior. This money may be paid to pacify a disgruntled opponent who may reveal embarrassing information. In such cases, the person pays this hush money to avoid prosecution.

Question – When does a hush money case become serious?
– Keeping a record of money in America is a serious and legal matter. Especially when you are giving it from your company or your money records but showing it in some other item. If it is proved that you have intentionally shown the transaction of this money in some other way and given it to someone to keep quiet, then it becomes a serious matter.

Question – Why is it being repeatedly said that Trump tampered with all 34 accounts?
– Actually you record the transaction of money in the record and there are many steps to record this entire process. Here the records of that transaction were shown in 34 steps. This is what the jury found wrong in all 34 cases. The ledger of Trump’s accounts clearly shows that he has committed fraud in the records for hush money payment.

Question – Is this a serious matter in America? What can be the punishment for this?
– The charge of tampering with business records can be punished with up to four years in prison. Although it is not clear how much punishment Trump will get in this, it is possible that he may get a very minor punishment as this is his first such offense. He may only be asked to pay a fine of $ 5000. Legal experts believe that Trump is unlikely to get a jail sentence as he is a first-time offender.

Question – In which case did Trump make this hush money payment?
– When former President Donald Trump was contesting the 2016 election, he made a secret payment of $130,000 to adult film actress Stormy Daniels to keep quiet. He made this payment through his former lawyer Michael Cohen. He showed this payment as a separate item. Later, Cohen himself exposed this matter. In Trump’s case, he has been charged only with 34 counts of tampering with business records.

Question – Is he the first American leader to be convicted of such charges?
– Trump is not the first politician to be accused of paying money for an alleged affair. One-time Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards was accused of breaking campaign finance laws. Trump’s crime is not about paying money but about the method of paying it.

Question – What is the punishment for cases like rape in America?
– It depends on its severity. Then the punishment for it is also different in different states of America. By the way, rape cases are seen in two ways. If it is mild then the punishment can be only three months but if it is serious then a punishment of up to 30 years is possible.

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