Even the school authorities were shocked when they found out the truth, 14 twins and 1 triplet passed the exam together!


This world is full of unexpected things. No one knows what will happen. A unique incident happened in a school in Florida, which surprised everyone. It so happened that at the beginning of this month, 10th graders graduated from a high school in Florida. But when twin siblings started appearing on the stage one after the other, people were stunned. In this crowd, there were also 1 triplets (twins graduate from same class Florida). Even the school did not know that there were so many twins and triplets in this batch.

According to the New York Post report, Cooper City High School is located in South Florida, USA. June 5 was the graduation day for 543 students of the high school batch. They were being promoted to the next class. On this occasion, it was revealed that there were many twins and triplets in the batch. There were 2 sets of identical twins, i.e. 2 sets with similar looks and the remaining 12 sets were fraternal twins, i.e. they were born together but did not look alike.

florida school twins

Now these twins are leaving to make their future career. (Photo: Aaron Reed and Gabrielle Reed)

The school principal was also shocked
The principal of the school said that this was a very special moment for her because one of them would come on stage and shake hands with her, she would give him the diploma certificate, and then another one would come and she would give him the diploma certificate in the same way. She said that this shows that they are different people, but they have been together for so many years. Talking to NBC Miami, a girl said that it is very surprising to see that there are so many people like you.

Now brothers and sisters will be separated
Now these children are getting ready for further education. It is possible that many of them will now go to different places and make their own lives. A girl named Gabriel said that wherever she used to go, she was always seen with her sister, but now she will be seen as a different person. At the same time, two twin brothers said that it will be very difficult to live separately, but they will remain connected with each other through video calls.

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