Elon Musk had gone missing with Google founder’s wife, search continued all night


Washington/New York. Many high-profile weddings in the world have been in the news. Some were in the news for their royal style and some for their unlimited spending. Along with this, some divorce cases have also attracted the attention of the world. The divorce of Google co-founder Sergey Brin and his wife Nicole Shanehan was more talked about than their marriage. Shanehan received crores of rupees as compensation from Sergey Brin. Now the question arises that why did the relationship between Sergey Brin and Nicole Shanehan break up? Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk had a big hand behind this. Shanehan told her husband Brin one day that she had physical relations with Musk. Just two weeks after Shanehan made this revelation, her relationship with Brin broke up.

Elon Musk was one of the acquaintances of Google co-founder Sergey Brin. Brin’s wife (now divorced) Nicole Shenehan had given a birthday party. Brin’s old friend Musk also attended this party. Shenehan and Musk met once again during a private party in Miami in December 2021. According to the report of ‘New York Times’, Musk and Shenehan disappeared for several hours in that Miami party. After this, Shenehan told husband Brin that she had a physical relationship with Musk. Let us tell you that Brin and Shenehan separated from each other just two weeks after the Miami party. Brin then filed a petition in the court for divorce. Brin and Shenehan got legally divorced last year.

There was a plan to visit India, but why did Elon Musk suddenly cancel his visit and go to China, what is the reason behind his visit?

When Shanehan started ignoring her husband Brian
During the Corona pandemic, lockdowns had to be imposed in all the countries of the world. Everyone from common people to VIPs had to follow the Corona guidelines. America was also no exception to this. Brin and Shenehan also had to face challenges during the Corona lockdown. After the lockdown ended, Shenehan’s frequent visits without Brin had increased significantly. Let us tell you that Shenehan, a lawyer by profession, started dating tech investor Kranz in 2011. After this, both of them got married in August 2014. This relationship broke up just 27 days after the marriage.

Second marriage to Sergey Brin
Kranz had read the text of the conversation between Shenehan and Brin. After this, the relationship between the two became sour. Just 27 days after the marriage, Kranz filed a case in the court claiming fraud. Later Shenehan threatened to harm himself. Kranz had to bow down to Shenehan’s stubbornness and filed a case for a normal divorce. With this, both of them separated from each other. Brin and Shenehan got married in the year 2018, but in the year 2021, Shenehan got into a relationship with Tesla chief Elon Musk and her relationship with Brin broke up.

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