Einstein’s letter, after reading which America made the world’s first atomic bomb, know what was written in it?


New Delhi, Albert Einstein was one of the most famous scientists on earth. But do you know that he had written a letter to the US government, after reading which America made the world’s first atomic bomb. Due to that, America has remained the most powerful country in the world till date. Now this letter will be put up for auction, but let us know what Einstein had written in this letter?

According to BBC report, Albert Einstein wrote this letter in 1939 to the then US President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In the letter, he warned the President, ‘Nazi Germany is preparing to make weapons of mass destruction. They can make them. America should also start its own nuclear program. A new type of extremely powerful bomb can be made.’

Einstein later expressed regret
Exactly three years after this letter, America opened the Atomic Research Center in Manhattan and a few months later they made the atomic bomb. The first use of the atomic bomb was done in 1945 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, in which thousands of people were killed. Even today the world shivers remembering that incident. But it is said that later Einstein was very sad about this, because because of him America made a destructive atomic bomb, which could have killed thousands of people. In 1947 he had said, if I had known that the Germans would not be successful in making the atomic bomb, then I would never have provoked the President for this.

…then the world would not have got a personal computer
This letter by Albert Einstein is being sold as part of an auction of artifacts of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who died in 2018 at the age of 65. Bill Gates, who started the company with Allen, said that if Paul Allen had not been there, the world would not have got the personal computer. His personal collection will come up for sale at Christie’s in New York in September. It will have many items reflecting his interest in computing.

Estimated to be sold for Rs 50 crore
However, the letter written by Einstein will be the main attraction of the auction. Experts believe that it will be sold for 6 million dollars i.e. about 50 crores rupees in the auction. Actually this letter was written by Hungarian physicist Leo Szilard with the help of other scientists. But it was signed by Albert Einstein. Because scientists believed that if this letter goes in the name of a great person like Einstein, then perhaps the President will pay more attention to it. This letter was written on 2 August 1939. That is, just a few weeks before the start of World War II.

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