Don’t have a home? The millionaire was mistaken for a beggar, as soon as the truth came out…


Kid Misunderstood Millionaire As Homeless: In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, America, the story of friendship between a 9-year-old boy and a millionaire businessman is going viral. Actually, the same little child Kelvin narrated this story to Business Insider Newspaper. 9-year-old Kelvin, mistaking a man standing outside his apartment for a beggar early in the morning, tried to help him by giving him $1. This gesture of the child won the heart of that person.

Actually, businessman Matt Busbys was standing outside the little boy’s house after walking early in the morning, waiting for his coffee. He was standing in prayer posture with his eyes closed. Meanwhile, the fire alarm in the house of 9 year old child Kelvin went off. Kelvin saw Matt standing near the outside of his house with his eyes closed and assumed that he was homeless and a beggar.

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Kelvin always wanted to help a homeless person in need. He immediately ran into his house and took a dollar to Matt and started giving it to him. As soon as Kelvin came closer, he said, ‘Excuse me sir, are you homeless?’ If you are, I have a dollar. It’s not enough, but it can still help you pick up something.’ Kelvin told that one ‘dollar’ was the only money he had. His father gave him a reward for getting good grades.

Matt is so impressed by Calvin’s cute behavior that he thanks him and buys him breakfast and coffee for his father. According to CBC, he also took Kelvin shopping at sporting goods store ‘Buckfeathers’. There he gave Kelvin 40 seconds to choose his favorite items. According to the report of WBRZ, Matt is a millionaire. He has created many outdoor businesses or brands in the hunting sector.

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