Don’t consider us as China-North Korea… Indian Minority Foundation rejected the US report on minorities


New Delhi, In a report released by the US State Department, questions were raised on religious freedom in India. It was even said that minorities are being targeted. Their houses and places of worship are being forcibly demolished. The Indian Minority Foundation (IMF) has given a befitting reply to this. The Foundation has called this report absurd and prejudiced. It even said that India is a democratic country. Do not mistake it for China-North Korea.

The IMF said, this report has tried to place India with countries like Afghanistan, Cuba, North Korea, Russia and China. This ignores India’s democratic structure and its diverse society. This wrong portrayal weakens the credibility of USCIRF and its understanding of India’s religious freedom. In a long post on the social media platform X, the Indian Minority Foundation said, we strongly condemn these efforts of the American institution.

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