Donald Trump told 100 lies to hide one truth, and got badly trapped in 34 of them


Washington/New York. You must have heard a saying that people tell a hundred lies to hide one truth. But the opposite happened with Trump. He told 100 lies to hide one truth, but he was found guilty in 34. Former US President Donald Trump’s troubles have increased in the election year. He has been found guilty in the hush money case. After 10 hours of deliberation, the jury has found Trump guilty in 34 cases related to this case. The punishment will be announced later. Donald Trump can also challenge this decision. The former president has also been accused of making false claims several times regarding this matter. Now his lies are being exposed one by one. Let us tell you that Donald Trump has also presented his claim on behalf of the Republican Party for the presidential election to be held in November. He is leading in the race for candidacy, but the decision in the hush money case may have a bad effect on his campaign.

After the closing argument in the hush money case, he posted on social media. He accused Judge Merchan of not giving him a chance to say something in his favor. However, this claim of Donald Trump is misleading. Trump’s legal team did not request Judge Merchan to implement the provision of ‘advice of lawyers’. Let us tell you that under this provision, the defense has to give up the attorney-client privilege. Before the hearing, Trump’s team had told Judge Merchan that they had requested not to bring the provision of advice of counsel into effect.

blame on the judge
Donald Trump made another serious allegation against Judge Merchan, who was part of the jury. He had said that Merchan did not want a unanimous decision on the false allegations leveled against him. The former president described Merchan’s behavior as useless, unconstitutional and anti-American. At the same time, Judge Merchan had actually told all the members of the jury that the decision in all 34 cases should be taken unanimously. After the issue of New York Election Law was raised, Judge Merchan had said that other members of the jury do not need to be unanimous in deciding on the illegal methods adopted by Trump.

FIRST PUBLISHED : May 31, 2024, 13:46 IST

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