Donald Trump may go to jail, yet Joe Biden is worried, know why?


Washington: Donald Trump has been found guilty in the hush money case. A 12-member jury has convicted Donald Trump on all 34 charges in the hush money case. For the first time in US history, a former president has been convicted in a criminal case. Donald Trump’s sentence will be heard on July 11. After being found guilty in the hush money case, trouble has increased for Donald Trump. He may or may not be sentenced to jail in this case. Donald Trump has been found guilty. His political opponent, US President Joe Biden, should be happy about this. But he looks even more upset.

In fact, Donald Trump is also the reason for US President Joe Biden’s troubles. Joe Biden suspects that Donald Trump will now openly use money in the US elections. After the court’s decision, Donald Trump will set a new record of fund raising. Biden’s team has warned its supporters about this in its election campaign message. Team Biden has sent a text warning to its supporters as part of the campaign. The message reads, ‘This is the money that Donald Trump will use to return to the White House, so that he can fulfill his threats of revenge and retaliation against his political opponents.’

Donald Trump gets a big setback, convicted in hush money case, first time in US history

Why is Biden upset?
According to a CNN report, the Biden team’s text message also reiterated that voting is the only way to defeat former President Donald Trump. Let us tell you that the US is going to have a presidential election in November. Donald Trump is not only the first president to be convicted of a crime, but he is also the first presidential candidate of a major party to be convicted of a crime in the middle of a presidential election campaign. If he defeats Joe Biden in the presidential election to be held in November, he will be the first president in history to be convicted of a criminal.

Sentencing hearing on July 11?
The hearing on what punishment will be given to Donald Trump will be held on July 11. Before giving the verdict on Donald Trump, the 12-member jury panel deliberated for about 10 hours in two days. Now Judge Juan Merchan will put his seal on the jury’s decision. This is just a formality. Now the question arises whether Donald Trump will go to jail? So the answer to this is both yes and no. Donald Trump may be in discussion about porn star Danielle Stormy and sex with her. But the real case is about hiding the business deal, which affected the 2016 election.

Donald Trump Convicted: Will Donald Trump go to jail after being found guilty or not, will he be able to contest the presidential election?

Will Trump go to jail?
In fact, hiding business records or committing fraud in them is considered a major crime in America. There are provisions for both fine and jail. Now the question arises whether Donald Trump will be sentenced to jail? So prima facie it does not seem possible. He can be fined or kept under house arrest. But a jail sentence is probably not possible. The reason for this is that in America, a first time offender gets jail sentence only in the rarest of the rare cases. In this too, it is seen whether he has a criminal background or not. However, all this depends on the judge and the merit of the case.

Where did Trump go wrong?
Donald Trump was accused of paying the porn star to keep quiet. For this, he manipulated his business records. He showed this money as legal expenses paid to lawyer Michael Cohen, which is a crime under New York state law. He could face a fine and a prison sentence of up to four years for each of the 34 charges. Even if he is sentenced to jail, he can stay out and appeal to the High Court.

What did Trump and Todd Blanch say on the decision?
After the verdict, Donald Trump’s lawyer Todd Blanch said on Thursday, ‘The former president’s legal team plans to argue in its appeal of the verdict that the jury was biased against Donald and the timing of the trial was inappropriate.’ At the same time, after leaving the court, Donald Trump said, ‘This was a rigged and shameful trial. The real verdict will be pronounced by the people on November 5. They know what happened, and everyone knows what happened here.’

What is hush money case?
There are 34 criminal cases against Donald Trump in the hush money case. He has been found guilty in all of them. Former US President Donald Trump is accused of paying money to adult film star Stormy Daniels in 2016 to avoid a sex scandal. Not only this, he also hid business deals before the elections, which affected the elections. Donald Trump was then contesting for the presidency from the Republican Party. He was afraid that if the scandal came to light, his candidature would be in danger.

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