Does America have a problem with Modi-Putin friendship? US appeals to India, says- tell Russia that…


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently on a visit to Russia. PM Modi has gone to Moscow at a time when Russia has been fighting a war with Ukraine for about two and a half years. This is PM Modi’s first visit to Russia after the Russia-Ukraine war. The whole world, including America, is watching this visit of PM Modi. America’s reaction to PM Modi’s visit to Russia has come to the fore. America has said that when PM Modi meets Putin, India should talk to Russia on the issue of Ukraine’s sovereignty. America has urged India to give a clear message to Moscow that the principles of the United Nations Charter should be followed in any solution to the Ukraine war.

Responding to a question about PM Modi’s Moscow visit, US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said that India is a strategic partner with whom the US is involved in an open and honest dialogue, including concerns about India’s relations with Russia. Matthew Miller said, ‘Just as we saw Hungary’s PM Orban meeting Zelensky, we are looking at Modi’s meeting with Putin in the same way. Like any country having relations with Russia, we will urge India to make it clear that any solution to the Ukraine war should be one that respects the United Nations Charter regarding Ukraine’s territorial integrity, Ukraine’s sovereignty.’

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America’s eye on Modi’s statement
US State Department spokesman Miller said that the US will closely examine Prime Minister Modi’s public statements to find out what topics were discussed during the visit. He said, ‘I will look at Prime Minister Modi’s public statements to see what he talked about. But as I said, we have made our concerns about our relations with Russia clear to India directly. So we would expect that India and any other country, when they talk to Russia, will make it clear that Russia should respect the UN Charter regarding the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. ‘ He further said that India is a strategic partner of ours, with whom we have full and frank talks and this also includes our concerns about relations with Russia.

Modi arrived for the first time after Ukraine war
Let us tell you that for the first time in about five years, PM Modi arrived on a visit to Russia on Monday. On Monday evening, Putin welcomed Modi at his official residence for a private meeting. During this, Putin praised PM Modi for his efforts in furthering India’s progress. Let us tell you that the war between Ukraine and Russia has been going on for about two and a half years. This is Prime Minister Modi’s first visit to Russia since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine two and a half years ago. The entire West, including America, is keeping an eye on PM Modi’s visit to Russia. Along with this, China is also keeping a very close eye.

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