Did Parkinson’s doctor go to Biden’s house or not? NATO meeting on one side, chaos in the White House on the other


Both the major parties, Democrats and Republicans, are busy deciding their candidates for the US presidential election this year. Meanwhile, there is a ruckus everywhere about President Joe Biden’s candidacy and health. It has come to light that Joe Biden is not fully fit for the presidency. His opponents as well as his party leaders are making this an issue. Meanwhile, NATO meeting is going on and some countries may make Biden’s age and his mental health an issue in it. Meanwhile, there was a stir in the White House on Tuesday over a question related to this.

On Tuesday, a journalist asked the White House spokesperson a question about the visit of a Parkinson’s specialist doctor. Parkinson’s is a mental illness that occurs in older people and in this disease a person starts forgetting his own words. There was an argument between the White House Secretary and a journalist on this question. The journalist said that the White House visitors’ record shows that Parkinson’s specialist Dr. Kevin Kennard visited the President’s residence eight times in eight months. The journalist wanted to know whether President Joe Biden was seen by a Parkinson’s specialist.

The press secretary got angry at the question
White House Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre responded to questions from reporters, “It doesn’t matter how much you press me, it doesn’t matter how much you get angry at me. I am not going to confirm any name. It doesn’t matter if it’s on record or not. I’m not going to do that from here. What I can share with you is that the President has met a neurologist three times for his physical examination.” She said that none of the President’s reports in February found any findings that indicated a stroke, multiple sclerosis or a disease like Parkinson’s.

Biden refuses to give up his candidacy
On the other hand, President Joe Biden has clearly refused to give up the presidential candidacy in a letter written to Democrat MPs. Democrat leaders within the party are divided on whether Biden should remain in the race or not. The President has also said that all this drama should end as soon as possible. He stressed that the party’s only task is to defeat Republican Party’s potential presidential candidate Donald Trump in November. Biden said that this drama will only help Trump and harm us. Now the time has come for us to come together, move forward as a unified party and defeat Donald Trump.

NATO meeting and Biden
Meanwhile, the 75th meeting of NATO, the military organization formed against Russia, is going on. Joe Biden is hosting it. But, some member countries have expressed concern about Biden’s age. Joe Biden is 81 years old and his age is more than the age of NATO itself. Russia will be at the center of this meeting. In the NATO meeting, there will also be a discussion on giving more assistance to Ukraine.

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