Did John Cena really come on stage without clothes? The reality is something else


New Delhi: How can you win an Oscar without winning one? Wrestler-turned-actor and all-round legend John Cena did just that at the 96th Academy Awards without any clothes on. John Cena, who had a hilarious cameo as Merman Kane, made an even funnier appearance as a presenter at the Oscars. After this, he made headlines all over the world. The question is, did John Cena really come on stage without clothes? Let’s know the truth of this in this news.

John Cena highlighted the importance of costumes in movies by choosing to wear nothing on stage while presenting the Best Costume Design award. He came with a placard that called Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel strictly a supporting role and it instantly went viral. It started with Jimmy Kimmel’s reference to the streaker at the 1974 Oscars who ran on stage and interrupted presenter David Niven.

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Moments later, John Cena popped his head out and claimed he had changed his mind about recreating the event. He made it to the stage, but then faced a slight hitch – he couldn’t open the envelope. Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel muttered ‘You’re the worst’ before handing the winner’s envelope to a hapless John for him to use.

Was John Cena really not wearing anything?
After the uproar, John Cena walked off the stage – but the question remains whether the actor-wrestler was wearing anything at all. Backstage photos from the awards show show that he was actually wearing a loincloth which is used in filming intimate scenes on screen. However, the confidence and comedic timing was absolutely John Cena’s own.

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