China will capture Taiwan without ‘touching’ it! A strategy that has put even America in tension


China using grey-zone war tactics against Taiwan: The tension between China and Taiwan now seems to be taking a new turn. China has been adopting a strategy to isolate Taiwan economically without directly using its military force, which seems to be extremely dangerous! According to a report by Washington’s think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), tensions in the maritime border between the two countries seem to be increasing rapidly because China is adopting a quarantine strategy against Taiwan, under which a strategic attempt to isolate Taiwan is clearly visible.

Let us tell you that China has always been trying to ‘occupy’ Taiwan. In fact, China considers Taiwan as its own part. A few weeks ago, Taiwan claimed that it had seen seven Chinese military aircraft and five naval ships circling in its maritime border. Taiwan said that one aircraft of the Chinese army had crossed its border in the Taiwan Strait and entered its border.

A report published in around this strategic approach of China says that China will blockade Taiwan’s ports through its coast guard and navy. This will be a war-like step without directly declaring war because it will adversely affect the vital supplies in these areas of Taiwan. This is being seen as a grey zone tactic which is not a complete blockade but is enough to break the back of Taiwan in the long term.

What is this quarantine strategy…

China has been increasing pressure on Taiwan while avoiding a direct confrontation with America. America has always been on the side of Taiwan. Experts believe that due to Taiwan’s economic relations with China, these steps of China will have a bad effect on international relations and global trade. With this strategy, China will not completely cut off Taiwan from the world but can start controlling Taiwan’s sea and air commerce. Taiwan will continue to get essential needs like food and medicine, so that China can claim that there is no problem of any kind. But it will stop the supply of some special segments like shipment of American weapons to Taiwan. However, experts believe that due to this strategy of China, Taiwan may have to officially declare its independence, which China has always strongly opposed.

Chinese media bluntly supports Taiwan

According to China’s state agency Xinhua, on Friday it has announced a formal punishment for staunch supporters of Taiwan’s independence. It has even announced the inclusion of the death penalty for ‘particularly serious’ cases and has issued a notice about doing so.

Statement issued by Taiwan ..

Taiwan, meanwhile, said Beijing has “no legal jurisdiction over the whole of Taiwan” and “there is no compulsion for our people to abide by its rules.” In a statement, Taiwan said, “The actions of Beijing authorities will only provoke confrontation among the people of the Taiwan Strait. And this situation will not lead to positive development in cross-strait relations.” (Inputs from various agencies)

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