Boyfriend is only 1 year older than her son, people mistake him for her boyfriend’s mother! Woman gets trolled on social media


You must have always heard one thing, love is blind. It does not see caste, religion, community, high or low. But nowadays love does not even see age and gender. These days a middle aged woman of America is in the news, because this woman is a mother, and her boyfriend is only 1 year older than her son. In this sense, she loves a person of her son’s age (Boyfriend girlfriend 20 years age gap). Because of this, she is also trolled on social media. But it does not matter to her.

According to the report of Mirror website, Rae Richmond, who lives in Florida, is 57 years old. Her partner’s name is Cam who is 20 years younger than her, i.e. 37 years (boyfriend girlfriend age gap). The surprising thing is that Rae has two children. The son is 36 years old and the daughter is 27 years old. Rae said that it took a lot of time for her son to accept the fact that Cam is only 1 year older than him. However, now it does not matter to him either. Her son lives in New York. At present, both of them have not met yet. When the son meets, then we will really know what he has to say about this.

boyfriend girlfriend age gap

Rae Richmond also used to do a private job, but after her boyfriend came, she also started doing content creation work. (Photo: Instagram/rae.richmond7777)

She started making romantic videos with her boyfriend
Ray and Cam have been together for 2 years. Ray and Cam capture their romantic moments on camera and post them on subscription sites and earn money from there. Cam suggested her to do this. When Ray did market research, she found out that people like to watch age-gap videos. Ray thought that she would earn money from this, but she had no idea that she would become so famous.

will leave the job
While talking to Mirror, Ray said that she has been working in a big medical company for 30 years in the upper management position, where her income was quite good. She had never done content creation work before. The couple created their account in May 2023 and have become popular since then. Now Ray is going to leave her job soon, because she is earning more money in this than in her job.

This is how she spends her time
People troll both of them on social media because of the age gap. Many times people mistake them for mother and son. Apart from this work, they spend time with their pet dogs, both of them like to cook together and often go to play bowling with their friends. However, many of their friends do not know what work they do. Ray says that Cam is a very kind-hearted person, which he likes very much.

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