Bought a ‘new country’ online for 50 thousand rupees, owner lives alone, no entry without passport!


There are many countries in the world where you might have been, and many where you might not have been. You will need a passport to go to all those places. But have you ever heard that you have to show a passport to go to even a small piece of land in a country? This happens in America (USA micronation), where a small piece of land in the desert is actually a separate country. The owner of this country lives alone here. A passport is required to enter his country (Man owner of country). The surprising thing is that he had bought this country online, that too for just 50 thousand rupees!

According to reports, an artist named Zaq Landsberg from New York bought 2 acres of land in the desert area of ​​the US state of Utah in 2005. He bought this land from the online website eBay for just 610 dollars i.e. 50 thousand rupees. When he went to see this land for the first time, he put a yellow and red flag on the land for identification. But then he got an idea. The idea was to create his own country!

zaqistan utah

Jack is an artist and keeps creating unique art in many places in America. (Photo: Instagram/zaqlandsberg)

You need a passport to enter the country
By adding it to his name, he decided on the name, Zaqistan. Talking to a website named Recon Talk, Zak said that when he bought the land, the country was going through a bad phase politically. He felt that he could run his country better than the politicians. Because of this, he started making something out of nothing in the desert. According to the report, Zak now goes to Zakistan for a few days every year and makes interesting things related to art and craft there. He has built a petrol gate on his land, and has also built a robot. He sells real passports for 40 dollars from his website.

Friends gather for fun
They do not want to build a house on this land because there is no source of water here. The nearest city Montela is about 100 kilometers away. Some of Jack’s close friends are residents of Jackistan. They have got passports made here. They often gather here and have fun. Jack has spent 8 lakh rupees to improve his country. However, the weather here is very bad, there is extreme heat during the day and severe cold at night. They pay tax every year, so what they are doing is not illegal at all.

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