Big fight between Biden and Donald Trump, know the ABC of Presidential Debate


Washington. The color of the Presidential Election-2024 in America is now slowly rising. The stage is all set for the first presidential debate between the current President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. According to Indian time, the debate between the two presidential candidates will start after 6 am on Friday. Let us tell you that the presidential election is to be held in November in America. It is being told that for the first time after about 64 years, the presidential debate is being held in the TV studio. In the presidential debate, the presidential candidates of the ruling and opposition parties give their opinion on the current issues.

According to the information, media network CNN will host the first presidential debate in Atlanta. Apart from this, the presidential debate will also be streamed on CBS and CBS News 24/7. It will also be broadcast simultaneously on other networks. The second debate will be held in September before the presidential election. It is being told that the second presidential debate will be hosted by ABC media network.

Now Donald Trump may go to jail, yet Joe Biden is worried, know why?

Debate on these issues?

  1. Focus on America’s stance on the Israel-Gaza war and the Russia-Ukraine war.
  2. Along with this, there will also be debates on business relations and competition with China.
  3. US involvement in climate change and efforts to counter it.
  4. Both leaders will also present their views on immigration, abortion and health policy.
  5. There will also be discussion on laws related to tax system, crime rate and gun culture.
  6. The issue of saving American democracy.

How important is the presidential debate?
Now the question arises that what is the importance of presidential debate in the US presidential election? Before the presidential election in America, debates are held between the candidates on important issues. On the basis of this, voters form their opinion about the candidates. Two such debates are held before the election. Let us tell you that the first presidential debate was held between John F. Kennedy of the Democratic Party and Richard Nixon of the Republican Party. In the 1960 election, Nixon lost and Kennedy became the President.

Know this important thing
To participate in the presidential debate, a candidate must have at least 15% support in 4 recognized national polls. Also, it is necessary to get support in enough states to be able to win 270 votes in the Electoral College. All non-Democratic and non-Republican leaders, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., could not participate in the debate, as they could not achieve the required qualification within the June 20 deadline.

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