Biden is a Manchurian candidate, gets money from China… Trump lashed out at him in the presidential debate


Washington: Today is a very important day for the US presidential election. Joe Biden and Donald Trump are once again face to face on the same stage after 4 years. Presidential debate is going on between Trump and Biden for the presidential election to be held in November. Both are presenting their views in front of the American public to win the voters in their favor.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are the two oldest candidates for the US presidency so far. Joe Biden is presenting his views from the Democratic side, while Donald Trump is from the Republican side. It is important to mention here that this time this debate is being held ahead of time. So far both the parties have not officially announced their candidates. Both are attacking and counterattacking each other in the live debate.

Trump attacks Biden
Donald Trump fiercely attacked Joe Biden during the first presidential debate at CNN’s Atlanta office. Donald Trump claimed that Biden is afraid to do a deal with China because he gets money from the Drag. So far this is the biggest financial deficit in the history of our country. We have the biggest deficit with China. He gets payment from China, he is a Manchurian candidate.’

Earlier, Joe Biden and Trump did not shake hands while standing on the podium at the CNN headquarters in Atlanta. Let us tell you that there is no live audience here. When Biden speaks, Trump’s mic remains muted and when Trump speaks, Biden’s mic remains muted. Joe Biden started his debate with sharp criticism of Donald Trump. However, he faltered several times while speaking, after which Trump immediately caught his words.

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