Biden and Trump won the primary elections in Washington, it is a close contest, who will win this time


Washington. US President Joe Biden won the Democratic primary election in Washington and former President Donald Trump won the Republican primary election by a huge margin. Both have taken a step towards the presidential candidacy from their respective parties. There was no doubt about the results of the primary elections in Georgia, Mississippi and Washington state of America and the results have confirmed this guess.

There was no tough challenge for Biden and Trump in these elections. With victory in these states, both leaders have garnered the support of delegates (party members representing voters) required to stake their claim as the presidential candidate from their respective parties. Now there is no doubt that the presidential election will be between Biden and Trump.

However, both the leaders are not very popular in the country. Let us tell you, Biden (81) is the oldest president in American history, while Trump also has several criminal cases registered against him. Biden issued a statement expressing happiness over his victory and candidature, while Trump has been termed a threat to democracy.

Biden said Trump was running a “campaign of anger and vengeance that threatens the very idea of ​​America.” On Tuesday, on the eve of the primary election, Trump acknowledged that Biden would be the Democratic Party’s candidate.

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