Biden and Trump won the election process in all four states


America, US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump easily won the primary elections held on Tuesday in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Wisconsin as part of the US presidential election process.

In the presidential election, Biden has been confirmed as the candidate of the Democratic Party and Trump as the Republican Party, and their victory in the primary elections held on Tuesday was considered certain. With the victory of Biden and Trump, the number of delegates (members of the electoral college) they received increased.

Florida voter and former President Donald Trump cast his vote at a recreation center in Palm Beach on Tuesday. During this, he told the media, “I voted for Donald Trump.” Let us tell you that Biden and Trump have been focusing on the general presidential election for the last several weeks.

Trump and Biden are calling each other a threat to America based on their old records. 77-year-old Trump is calling 81-year-old Biden mentally unfit. At the same time, President Biden has called Trump a threat to democracy after he tried to overturn the 2020 election results and praised foreign powers.

Biden also faced opposition from some activists during the election and asked members of the Democratic Party to vote against the president to express disapproval of his handling of the war between Israel and Hamas.

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