Before dying, the prisoner asked for such food that the police were shocked to hear it; in return they gave him only curd to eat!


You must have seen in films that when a prisoner is given death sentence, his last wish is fulfilled before that. In many countries, there is a custom of allowing a prisoner to eat his favourite food before death. Something similar was done in America in the 1990s. Here, when a prisoner was asked what he wanted to eat last, he named such a thing that the policemen were shocked to hear it. They did not let him eat that thing, but instead gave him only yogurt to eat (Death row inmate given yogurt last meal).

According to the report of Daily Star News website, in 1990, James Edward Smith was 37 years old and was sentenced to death in Texas, America (Texas prisoner order dirt to eat). During that time, his case became very famous because the thing that James had asked for for his last meal was very strange. He had asked for soil to perform an African tradition (voodoo), which he wanted to eat. According to this tradition, if the soil of the cemetery is eaten, then the next birth of the person is happy.

death row inmate last meal

The man had demanded to eat a strange thing. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Yogurt given to eat
The Texas Department of Criminal Justice refused to give him this food considering it too strange. Finally, he was given plain yogurt to eat. Smith was arrested in 1983 after shooting and killing bank manager Larry. He had gone to rob the branch of Union National Life Insurance Company in Houston.

Such cases have happened before
On 26 June 1990, Smith was put to death by giving him a poisonous injection. However, this is not the only case when a prisoner has demanded such a strange last meal. A similar case had occurred in America when There were only a few hours left to live, there was a chance to have his favourite dinner, the police were shocked to hear what the prisoner asked for! To read such interesting news, stay connected with News18 Hindi.

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