Baltimore accident: Governor is not calling Indian crew heroes without any reason, the reason is out


New Delhi. The horrific video of the Baltimore bridge accident in America was seen all over the world. The Indian crew members of the Singapore cargo ship are being praised a lot. The Governor of Maryland has called the crew members of the cargo ship heroes. Now the reasons have also come to light as to why the American Governor has called the Indian crew members heroes. Governor Wes Moore, calling the Indian crew members of the ship heroes, said that they had issued a warning in time. Acting on their prompt warning, necessary steps were taken, which saved the lives of many people. It is worth noting that shortly before the accident, movement on the bridge was stopped on the basis of information. Let us tell you that Baltimore falls in the state of Maryland.

Praising the presence of mind of the Indian crew members of the Singapore cargo ship, Maryland Governor Wes Moore said, ‘The Indian crew heroes had issued an immediate warning even before the ship hit the bridge in Baltimore. Due to this, we took immediate steps and were successful in saving many lives.’ Let us tell you that before the Singapore cargo ship ‘Dali’ hit the pillar of the bridge in Baltimore, the pilot and other crew members of the cargo ship had issued a warning. Due to this, traffic on the bridge was completely stopped.

Why is the governor calling the Indian crew of the ship whose collision destroyed the entire bridge and killed 6 people, heroes?

The pilot association also praised
The bridge of Baltimore-based Francis Scott was destroyed as soon as the Singapore-flagged cargo ship collided. The video of this accident was seen all over the world. After the accident, all the crew members including the two pilots of the cargo ship were found. They did not suffer any injuries. They were all safe. According to the report of ‘New York Post’, Clay Diamond, Executive Director of American Pilots Association, said that a pilot did everything that should have been done to reduce the speed of the cargo ship. Every effort was made to prevent the ship from colliding with the bridge.

Horrific accident
The ship was going from Baltimore to Colombo. According to a report by news agency AFP, the 300-meter-long ship is believed to have collided with a pillar of the bridge. Due to this, several vehicles and about 20 people fell into the Patapsco River. US officials said that the ship’s crew had reported electrical problems before the collision. Synergy Marine Group said in a statement, ‘The owners and managers of the Singapore-flagged container ship ‘DALI’ (IMO 9697428) reported that the ship collided with a pillar of the Baltimore bridge of Two Francis Scott at around 1.30 pm local time on March 26. ‘ It said, ‘All crew members, including two pilots, have been traced and there are no reports of anyone being injured.

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