Asteroid coming to destroy the earth! Its size is equal to 2 big planes, there is a danger


NASA Asteroid Alert: Recently, many asteroids smaller than 50 feet passed very close to the Earth. Since then, the alert US space agency NASA has revealed that some giant space rocks are now coming towards the Earth. One of those asteroids is 370 feet huge and is on its way to reach closest to the Earth on 7 April.

NASA has named this asteroid as 2024 FH2. It will pass 3.8 million miles from Earth. It is bigger than a building or flight with a height of 370 feet, however before you worry about it falling on Earth, know that it poses no threat to Earth. It will cross our planet and return to the solar system.

NASA keeps providing new information to the public about these asteroids that appear from time to time. Its intention is to spread as much knowledge as possible about space and to know what potential dangers there may be.

There is a legend about asteroids that about 65 million years ago a huge asteroid hit the earth and caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were the dominant species on earth at that time and after their extinction, smaller creatures, especially mammals, had a better chance of surviving on earth. Now, humans rule the mammals on earth, so is our existence under threat?

To ensure that such an event never happens again, NASA not only tracks these asteroids on a daily basis, but has also conducted tests to actually deflect any such destructive asteroids that appear near Earth in the future.

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