Are aliens so close to Earth? Scientist found them…! There is a connection with Earth


Alien Life Hunting: There has been a great success in the search for alien life. Recently scientists have discovered a new planet, which is like our Earth in terms of size and atmosphere, it is estimated that life may be possible on it. The temperature here is quite temperate. Scientists have named this planet Gliese 12-B. It was discovered by NASA’s international team with the help of Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS).

The University College of London has contributed significantly to the discovery of this new life-supporting planet Glish 12-b. Larissa Palethorpe, who was part of this discovery, said, ‘It is very interesting that this is a transiting planet very close to Earth. It may be in the habitable zone of its star/sun or may be developing for habitability.’

Orbit of a red dwarf planet
It is slightly smaller than the Earth. Scientists have found it orbiting a red dwarf star. Its distance from its main star is 7% of the distance between the Earth and the Sun, yet it can be habitable. Its life-support area is known as the ‘Goldilocks Zone’. Here it is neither too cold nor too hot for any liquid, which can be important for life.

This planet, found between Venus and Earth, is also being called their child because it has similarities with both the planets. Scientists said that it receives 1.6 times more heat from its star, yet it is only 50 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the Earth.

What did the discoverer of this planet say
Palethorpe said, ‘It was a delight to find it to be similar in size to Earth. So it was a really good thing to be discovered by Hamakare, but I am particularly interested to know whether life could be possible on it? It is even more interesting to find it between Earth and Venus.’

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