Another secret of Trump has come out! What is his relation with the rape accused? There might be some manipulation in the elections


Washington. New documents unpublished so far claim that Donald Trump and accused rapist Jeffrey Epstein were closer than previously believed. Transcripts show that Trump called Epstein several times between 2004 and 2006. The screenshots were sealed in 2008 as part of Alexander Acosta’s deal for Jeffrey Epstein and were released on July 1. This new revelation has angered the anti-Trump camp ahead of the election. It has now come to light that Donald Trump was a regular customer of Jeffrey Epstein’s massage service before marrying Melania.

According to a report in the Times of India, a user posted on X that “Trump’s name appears repeatedly in Jeffrey Epstein’s message logs in grand jury documents released this week. It is also undisputed that Trump’s name appears 7 times in Epstein’s private jet flight logs. Epstein flew on Trump’s jet with a young girl of indeterminate age. Girls trafficked by Epstein worked at Mar-a-Lago. A girl trafficked by Epstein mentioned visiting Trump’s casinos in a recent statement. Trump often partied with Epstein.”

Crisis escalates on Trump
The user said on X that ‘Trump wishes Ghislaine Maxwell the best of luck in her criminal trial. A woman who testified under the pseudonym Jane Doe in the Ghislaine Maxwell criminal trial said Epstein introduced her to Trump when she was 14.’ When the post went viral on X, a community note claimed that Donald Trump and Epstein had talked about a real estate property they were both interested in. Citing a report by the Washington Post, it said they had a disagreement over the issue.

What are the new revelations about Donald Trump?
According to the report, Trump’s phone messages that have now been released were in a file called ‘Triangle’, which was the code for the Epstein case. Trump was regularly calling Jeffrey Epstein in 2004, before he married Melania in 2005. The newly revealed messages are reportedly in between calls from girls to confirm massage appointments. Transcripts show that Florida prosecutors knew about Epstein’s sex crimes two years before he was convicted. Transcripts show that the grand jury heard testimony that Epstein, who was in his 40s at the time, raped teenage girls as young as 14 at his Palm Beach mansion. Often paying them money so he could rape them. Teens testified and told detectives that they were also given cash or rented cars if they found him more girls. Another teen told detectives she was 17 when a friend approached her and said she could make $200 by giving massages at Epstein’s home.

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