America’s anxiety will increase, the dictator is going to do such a thing in space, enemies will tremble, what is the motive?


New Delhi: North Korea and America are sworn enemies. They don’t get along well with each other. Now dictator Kim Jong Un has once again increased the heartbeat of America. Yes, North Korea is going to send its spy satellite again. It has informed Japan about this. North Korea has told Japan that it is planning to launch the satellite early next week. This will be North Korea’s second spy satellite. It will be sent into space orbit by June 3. The leaders of South Korea, Japan and China were gathered in Seoul on Monday for their first trilateral meeting, when this information about the dictator’s move came to light.

Japan’s Coast Guard said, ‘It has been informed about the launch of the satellite rocket by North Korea. It has issued a security warning regarding the satellite launch. The satellite launch process will begin on Monday in the waters between the Korean Peninsula and China and east of the Philippine island Luzon and will continue till midnight of June 3. Now the question arises that why has North Korea informed Japan about its satellite launch? Actually, North Korea has informed Japan about the launch because Japan’s Coast Guard coordinates and distributes maritime security information in East Asia.

What is on Japan’s mind?
However, Japan wants North Korea not to launch it. The Japanese Coast Guard further said, ‘Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has asked officials to strongly request North Korea not to launch a satellite in cooperation with the US, South Korea and other countries. Not only this, instructions were given to take measures and be prepared for any emergency situations. At the same time, the South Korean army said on Friday that it has received indications that North Korea is involved in such activities, which is believed to be preparing to launch a spy satellite from its main Tongchangri launch facility in the northwest.

North Korea’s second spy satellite
North Korea is going to launch its second spy satellite. Earlier in November 2023, North Korea deployed its first spy satellite in space. Earlier it had failed twice. But in the third attempt, it conquered space. North Korea is continuously deploying spy satellites to keep an eye on its enemies from space.

What is the purpose of this satellite launch?
North Korea sent its first spy satellite into space orbit as part of its efforts to deal with US-led military threats and build a space-based surveillance network. North Korea wants to keep an eye on every activity of the US and South Korea through the spy satellite. It says that it has taken this step to keep a better watch on the activities of the US and South Korea. Not only this, spy satellites are needed to increase the precision-strike capability of its nuclear-capable missiles. Just last year, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un announced in a governing party meeting that North Korea would launch three more military spy satellites in 2024.

The United Nations has banned
The United Nations has banned North Korea from launching satellites. Whereas North Korea has consistently said that it has the right to launch satellites and test missiles. When North Korea launched a satellite in November last year, tension deepened on the Korean Peninsula. In the last few years, North Korea has been engaged in dangerous missile tests to modernize and increase its weapons arsenal. This is the reason why America, South Korea and Japan have become tense. These three countries are constantly brainstorming to strengthen their security partnership. Experts say that North Korea believes that increasing its weapons stockpile will increase its strength in future diplomacy with America.

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