Americans are getting more addicted to chillum than beer, more addicted to marijuana than alcohol


New Delhi: Dum Maaro Dum… We all must have heard it at some time or the other. But this song is now fitting the people of America. Actually, Americans are now smoking from Chillum instead of beer. A study has found that the number of Americans consuming marijuana (cannabis or ganja) on a daily or almost daily basis has now exceeded those drinking alcohol.

According to the BBC report, according to research published in the journal Addiction, based on data collected by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health over four decades. The 2022 survey recorded an estimated 17.7 million daily cannabis users. Which is higher for the first time than the estimate of 14.7 million daily alcohol drinkers.

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Americans are putting in a lot of effort
Although alcohol still remains the more widely used substance of the two, the study found that between 1992 and 2022, the per capita rate of daily or almost daily marijuana use increased 15-fold. In 1992, fewer than one million people said they used marijuana almost every day. This is the lowest reported use since the study began in 1979.

why are people breathing down their necks
Dr. Brooke Worster, chief medical officer of EO Care, a company that manufactures medicinal marijuana, told the BBC that its use is increasing for many reasons. Because it has been made legal in many states here. Due to this, people are openly telling that they smoke marijuana or have used it occasionally. He further said that ‘the rate has not changed as dramatically as the survey is indicating. People are not afraid to admit that they are using it.’

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