‘America is cancer, Muslims are more vulnerable to it…’, student’s speech causes uproar, chaos in the country


Chicago.The speech of a student of Illinois University in Chicago, America has created a stir in the country. People have called it hate speech. People are criticizing the boy on the internet for this video which went viral on Monday. He has called America, the American government and democracy the ‘cancer’ of the world. Mohammad Nusairat, a Bachelor of Science student at the university, said in his anti-American speech, ‘Muslims are tired of this cancer and they are also tired of the American government.’

This speech of Nussairat is said to be of May, which is now going viral on the social media site ‘X’. Many social media users on ‘X’ have criticized his hate speech. In his speech, Nussairat has said, ‘Now Muslims are tired of this cancer. They are tired of the American government. They are tired of democracy. They want to see a new way of life. And as Muslims, we have to understand that we have that new way of life.’

In his speech, Nussairat said, ‘America is cancer. America, American government, secularism, democracy, capitalism, these are cancers that have spread their disease all over the world. Especially, in America and the Middle East. In America, here, people have freedom to live, but when you speak, it becomes a problem.’ MEMRI, a local news agency in Washington, has identified him as a student of Muslim heritage.

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