America is also acknowledging the strength of Modi-Putin’s friendship, said- only India can stop the Ukraine war by telling Russia


New Delhi: PM Modi’s successful Russia tour has been completed. Now he is in Austria. The whole world including America was watching PM Modi’s Russia tour. PM Modi visited Russia for the first time after the Russia-Ukraine war. During this, the same old friendship of PM Modi and Putin was seen. Now even America has started acknowledging the friendship of Modi and Putin. America is also convinced that only India can convince Russian President Putin to end the Ukraine war. Yes, America’s response has come after PM Modi’s Russia tour. America has said that India has good relations with Russia. Because of this relationship, India has the ability to ask Russian President Putin to end the war in Ukraine.

White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre gave an official statement on PM Modi’s visit to Russia. In this, she said that India’s relations with Russia give it the ability to urge President Vladimir Putin to end the war with Ukraine. White House spokesperson Jean-Pierre made this comment when Prime Minister Narendra Modi told Russian President Putin that the death of innocent children is painful and horrific. This incident happened a day after the deadly attack on a children’s hospital in Ukraine’s capital Kiev. Putin was criticized all around for this.

America is confident that only India will help us sail through
White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, ‘We believe that India has a long-standing and good relationship with Russia. This is what gives India the ability to tell President Putin that Russia should somehow end the Ukraine war. India is a strategic partner of ours with whom we have full and frank dialogue, including on their relations with Russia and we have talked about this before. It is important that all countries, including India, support efforts to realize a lasting and just peace in the case of Ukraine. It is President Putin’s job to end this war. President Putin started the war and only he can end this war.’

Modi’s clear message to Putin on Ukraine war
In fact, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a clear message to Putin on the Ukraine-Russia war. PM Modi told Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday that the solution to the Ukraine conflict is not possible on the battlefield. Peace talks are not successful amidst bombs, guns and bullets. Before the talks with Putin, PM Modi had mentioned the bomb attack on a children’s hospital in Ukraine and said that the death of innocent children is heart-breaking and very painful. Let us tell you that a day earlier, a children’s hospital in Kiev was attacked by a suspected Russian missile, which has been resented globally.

What did PM Modi say?
In his statement broadcast on television, Prime Minister Modi said, ‘Whether it is war, conflict or terrorist attack, if people lose their lives, every person who believes in humanity is saddened. On top of that, if innocent children are killed, when we see innocent children dying, it is heart-breaking and very painful. When we feel such pain, our heart breaks. I had the opportunity to talk to you on these issues yesterday.’ PM Modi also mentioned his detailed informal talks with Putin in a private meeting on Monday night and said that dialogue is the only way to a solution.

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