America desperately needs a leader like Modi… Who praised the PM so much? He is the head of a company worth billions of rupees


New Delhi: The extent to which the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is increasing all over the world can be gauged from the fact that people have started saying that a leader like him is needed in America as well. Yes, Jamie Dimon, CEO of the world’s leading company JP Morgan Chase & Co., has praised India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Praising PM Modi, he said that he has done “incredible work” for India.

JP Morgan Chief Jamie Dimon while praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi further said that he is facing all the challenges boldly. Along with this, he also hinted that America also needs such a leader who can face all the challenges boldly. JP Dimon said that PM Modi has brought 400 million people out of poverty through his efforts. He was expressing his views in a program.

Along with this, he also expressed the hope that PM Modi will return to power for the third time this summer. JP Dimon praised the reforms done in India in recent times by PM Modi’s regime. He said that 700 million people in India have bank accounts and their payments are being transferred directly to their accounts.

He further said that India has an incredible education system and infrastructure. He also mentioned PM Modi’s toughness and how he broke the rigid bureaucratic systems of the country. He also praised India’s tax system and said that by eliminating the disparity in the tax system adopted by the states, PM Modi’s government has eliminated corruption from it.

FIRST PUBLISHED : April 24, 2024, 14:28 IST

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