Amazing DNA technology, remains of George Washington’s descendants discovered, now it will be of special use to American soldiers


Scientists have achieved great success in finding the remains of descendants of America’s famous former president George Washington’s family using new DNA techniques. This success has been achieved by studying the scattered bones found from the graveyard of the Harewood family in West Virginia, America. Now the researchers say that they will use this technique for a special purpose for American soldiers.

Amazing DNA technology, remains of George Washington’s descendants discovered, now will be of special use to US soldiers – DNA technology identifies remains of George Washington’s family members now US soldiers

These techniques will then be used to search for the remains of US Army soldiers who died for the US in battles around the world up to World War II. Lead author of the study and Courtney Cavagnino of the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System (AFMES-AFDIL) says the success of testing the Harewood Cemetery remains inspired them to take this step.

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Many mysteries of history can be solved with these DNA techniques. (Symbolic picture: Shutterstock)

The lab is currently working to validate these techniques for everyday use. AFMES-AFDIL is now the U.S. Department of Defense’s only human remains DNA laboratory. It supports day-to-day operations as well as missions such as identifying members of military troops.

Recently, the AFMES-AFDIL team worked on identifying the remains found in the graves of the Harewood cemetery. In this, scientists conducted a lot of DNA tests which included the remains of George Washington’s family members. For this, they also took the help of DNA of many living descendants.

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Now after the success of this test, these techniques will be used to search and identify the remains of soldiers who lost their lives wherever American soldiers have fought since World War II. Apart from this, research will also be done on other uses of the techniques.

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