Alexander of the sea has arrived! Ghost shark will wreak havoc underwater, then manta ray…


New Delhi: Surveillance in the ocean is a major issue for many countries. The US and Australia have done a great job by following this path. Ghost sharks and manta rays will protect the area under the sea. Hearing this name, it seems like a story from a future Marvel movie. But it is not so because in reality, this can be the future of Pacific naval security.

According to CNN report, Ghost Shark and Manta Ray are the names of the prototype uncrewed underwater drone (UUV). Which have recently been introduced by Australia and the United States respectively. Experts say submersibles could represent the future of undersea warfare, showing the ability to exert power while minimizing the threat to human life.

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The use of drones in aerial warfare has become commonplace. The US used them extensively during the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan in the early 1990s, and in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, new, cheap drones have become a key piece of military hardware for both sides. Kiev has also built naval surface drones, which have inflicted heavy damage on the much larger and more expensive ships of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

What will Ghost Shark do?
An Australian Defense Ministry statement said, ‘Ghost Shark will provide the Navy with a covert, long-range autonomous underwater warfare capability that can conduct persistent intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) and strike.’ It will be distributed by the end of next year.

Many countries are working on underwater drones
Submarine expert H I Sutton says on his Secret Shores website that, according to an analysis of open-source intelligence, at least six extra-large UUVs are believed to be under development in Beijing. According to Sutton, apart from Australia, the US and China, other countries working on UUVs include Canada, France, India, Iran, Israel, North Korea, Norway, Russia, South Korea, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

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