Age 571 years, these are the world’s oldest sisters, survived from World War to Covid! Made a record


Every person wants that he or his relatives live a long life, stay healthy and stay together. But not everyone’s wish gets fulfilled! However, this wish of 6 sisters living in America has been fulfilled. These 6 sisters are the oldest siblings in the world and if the age of all of them is added together, it becomes more than 5 centuries. They have seen and faced many big events in life, including the Second World War and the Covid pandemic.

oldest living siblings in the world

These sisters also had a brother, who was older than them. (Photo: Guinness World Record)

Guinness World Records has recently awarded the title to 6 sisters from America. These sisters have together created a unique world record. These 6 sisters are from Missouri, USA. The combined age of these 6 living sisters is the highest in the world (highest combined age of six living siblings) and this is also their world record. The age of these sisters ranges from 88 years to 101 years. Their total age is 571 years and 293 days.

oldest living siblings in the world

The sisters have set a Guinness World Record because of their age. (Photo: Guinness World Record)

The sisters saw a lot
The oldest sister, Norma, lives in Ohio, while the other five sisters, Lauren, Maxine, Doris, Margaret and Elma, still live in Missouri. Over the past nine decades, the sisters have lived through the Great Depression, World War II and the COVID pandemic. One of the sisters, Elma, said that apart from petty fights, the sisters have never had any animosity. They have been very close to each other throughout their lives. They have often traveled together, wearing shirts with numbers written on them that indicate their ages.

The sisters had an elder brother
When they were young, their mother used to take them on picnics in July because 3 of the sisters were born in July. Even today the sisters have maintained this tradition and meet in the summer. These 6 sisters have only 1 brother, whose name is Stanley. Stanley was the eldest and if he were alive this year, he would have been 102 years old but when he was 81 years old, he met with an accident while riding a bicycle, due to which he died.

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