After 4 years, Trump and Biden will face each other again, will challenge each other


Washington. President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump agreed on Wednesday to hold two election debates in June and September. In view of the presidential elections, the first debate between the two leaders will be held on ‘CNN’ channel on June 27. However, the campaign teams of both the leaders have not shared any information regarding the basic rules of the debate.

The Democrat Party has said that if the debate between presidential candidates before the election is organized by a non-partisan commission, then they will not participate in it. This commission has been organizing this debate for the last three decades.

Biden’s campaign team proposed that media outlets instead hold debates with potential Democratic and Republican candidates. The first debate will take place at the end of June and the second in September, before early voting begins.

Trump said in a post on social media that he is ready for an election debate with Biden. Hours after Trump’s statement, Biden said he accepted CNN’s invitation to debate on June 27. A debate was seen between these two leaders in the American elections held four years ago.

FIRST PUBLISHED: May 15, 2024, 22:46 IST

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