A yellow rickety bus was running on the road, the driver panicked on seeing the police, lost his senses as soon as he got inside!


Many times when vehicles pass by, looking at them, it seems that something is definitely wrong. In this case, the police are always four steps ahead. One such case has come to light in Pennsylvania, America. When the police stopped a school bus, its driver got scared. As soon as the vehicle was parked on the side, when the policemen entered inside, they were shocked. They saw what no one could have expected. After all, who would do such a brutality inside a school bus? After seeing the scene inside, this question must have arisen in the minds of the policemen. Now you must be thinking that what was there inside that even the policemen were shocked.

In such a situation, let us tell you that there were some animals inside that school bus, which were rescued. What was going to happen to these animals was even more horrifying and dirty. Actually, the employees of Adams County SPCA had received information that there was some scam going on in a school bus. When the police stopped that bus, they saw that there were chickens, ducks and dogs inside, while in the trailer behind the bus there was a pony (small horse-like creature) and a bull. According to the SPCA employees, they were used for “animal sexual abuse” in another state of America. A total of 30 birds were rescued by the police, including three German Shepherds and Australian Shepherds. These birds were fed to live dogs.

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Photo Credit- Adams County SPCA

The pictures that have surfaced show that these innocent animals were kept in dirty conditions in both the trailer and the school bus. The bus was filled with open buckets of feed and waste tires and grass and dirt were scattered on the floor. At the same time, the torn seats of the bus were filled with animal feces. Police immediately arrested the bus driver Shawn Hirshbein, against whom a warrant was pending in West Virginia. Under the warrant, the driver was accused of distributing obscene material among minor children. Hirshbein is currently kept in Adams County Jail, later he will be sent to West Virginia. However, it is not yet clear what charges will be imposed on him for the treatment of the animals in the bus and trailer.

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