A woman marries her own school teacher, there is a 25 year age difference between them, people assume they are mother and daughter!


It is said that love is blind, it does not see caste, religion, colour, wealth or poverty. But in the 21st century, love does not even see gender or age. Recently, an American couple has been in the news. That is because both are married but none of them is a husband, because both are wives. What is more surprising is that there is a difference of 25 years in their age. If you are not surprised by this, then you will be surprised to know that one of them is a teacher (Woman marries her school teacher) and the other is her former student!

According to a report by The Sun website, Monica Ketchum, who lives in Michigan (USA), is 32 years old. Her wife’s name is Michelle Foster who is 57 years old. There was a time when Monica was a student and Michelle was her favorite teacher. She liked Michelle so much that after leaving school, she married Michelle. Now people mistake them for mother and daughter.

woman marries her school teacher

People mistake them for mother and daughter, but they are not affected by the trolls. (Photo: Instagram/michelleandmonica)

The teacher helped in difficult times
Nearly 16 years after leaving school, one day in April 2020, Monica thought of connecting with her favorite science teacher through Facebook. She sent a message to the teacher on Facebook and invited her to meet for lunch. The two started meeting and soon became very close to each other. During that time, Monica was also in the process of getting a divorce from her husband. In fact, Monica had come to know that she liked women. She was associated with a lesbian community, of which Michelle was also a part. During the divorce, her teacher Michelle helped her deal with the situation.

both of them got married
Over time, both of them realized that there was more than friendship between them and a romantic relationship began between them. Michelle divorced her ex-wife in May 2022 and the two got engaged the same year. Both of them had proposed to each other. However, they had to listen to people’s taunts many times. When they were in public, people mistook them for mother and daughter. Initially, they used to be affected by this, but later both of them learned to laugh these things off. Monica told that there was no such relationship between the two from the beginning, it was just that at that time Monica used to be her teacher’s favorite too. But when Monica went through a difficult phase, she also saw a partner in her teacher. Both have got married and started living together. By the way, these are not the only couples who are being trolled because of their age.

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