A student’s purse was lost in 1957, found in school 63 years later, everyone was surprised to see the things inside!


Often our small things get lost which we search for with all our might, but when we don’t find them, we forget them and move on. The same thing happened with a young woman who lost her purse in 1957 (Purse lost in 1957 found). But when that purse was found 63 years later, people found such things inside it that they were surprised to see because all those things were depicting the bygone era very well. Although this incident is from 2020, a video related to this incident is going viral on social media.

Recently a video has been shared on the Instagram account @insidehistory in which a big purse is seen between a locker and a wall inside a school. When this purse was opened, a 63-year-old secret was found. CNN’s 2020 report According to this, this incident is from 2019. It is North Canton Middle School in Ohio, USA. The school has given a statement in its on Facebook page on May 30, 2019 The whole matter was told by posting photos related to this incident.

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