A person went to see the mountain, lost his way in the middle of the jungle, survived for 10 days by drinking only the water stored in his shoes


California, Even if the situation is difficult, one should not lose courage. 34-year-old Lucas McClish of America is a living example of this. McClish, a resident of California, went for a walk in the Santa Cruz mountains on June 11. But he was so obsessed with seeing the mountains that he kept walking for 3 hours. He kept looking only ahead and as a result, when he felt like returning, he got lost in the forest. He could not understand the way. He kept wandering in the deserted forest hungry and thirsty for 10 days. He used to drink water collected in his shoes to stay alive. And finally, now he has been rescued.

According to the California police, McClish had only some berries and about 4 liters of water. With the help of this, he survived for so many days. McClish’s family filed a missing person report on June 16 because he did not come on Father’s Day. After this, the family members got suspicious. They searched around, but he was not found. After this, the family members complained to the local police.

The police conducted a huge operation to find Lucas McClish. A team of 300 people from the police and forest department was deployed. About 2600 square kilometers of forest was searched using drones. After this, when he was searched using drones, he was found soaked in mud in the middle of the forest. His health was deteriorating. He looked very weak.

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