A person reaches a foreign country in ten steps, has breakfast in Canada and dinner in America, how?


There are many such places around the world, which are surprising to know about. It is difficult to believe the existence of those places at first. But after knowing the reality, everyone is shocked. Today we are going to tell you about one such place. If you are asked if you know about the world’s smallest international bridge? Perhaps most people will not know about this. But let us tell you that the person living where this bridge is built can have breakfast in Canada and dinner in America as per his wish. Now you must be wondering how is this possible? So let us tell you that the smallest international bridge is built between two small islands in the river, which is owned by the same person.

Since in 1793 the border between Canada and America was determined by the river, the Javicon Island situated in the middle of the river was also divided into two parts. Two-thirds of this island went to Canada, while one-third came under the control of America. In the year 1902, a businessman named Elmer Andres built a German style villa in the Canadian part of Javicon Island. The same person also built this wooden bridge on Javicon Island situated in the middle of the St. Lawrence River with the aim of building a vegetable garden and a ghat around his house. Later this smallest international bridge was named ‘Backyard Border Crossing’.

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This name of the bridge was given by the American press and they also considered this wooden crossing as the “world’s smallest international bridge”. On this bridge, there is a Canadian flag in the direction of the big island, while the US flag is hoisted towards the small island. You will be surprised to know that the world’s smallest international bridge built between America and Canada is about 32 feet long. In the year 1976, Donald Rickard and his wife Julie Rekai Rickard bought both these islands. After this, the flag of Hungary was also hoisted on the bridge. A video post related to this was also shared on Instagram, on which people are commenting fiercely.

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