A mother who went to drop her son to school, fell in love with a father who came to drop his child, and got married within a year!


It is said that love is blind. You can find it anytime and anywhere. This is true for an American woman. That is because this woman found love at a time when she did not even expect it. The woman found this love at first sight at her son’s school (Woman found new partner at son’s school). When she found the person who was exactly like the prince of her dreams, she tried her best to express her love.

According to the report of Newsweek, this is the story of 39-year-old Dorilee Lavin, a resident of Vermont, America, who is the mother of 3 children. However, she is divorced. She posted a video on the social media platform TikTok and told about meeting her second husband. Dorilee told that in the year 2023, she had gone to drop her son to school. There suddenly she met an unknown man who had come to drop his child. Dorilee liked that man so much that she wanted to know more about him. She started stalking him. That is, she started following him.

woman found single dad at son school

The woman told about her relationship on Tiktok. (Photo: Tiktok/@dailydoseofdorilee)

The woman liked an unknown man
She realized that he was also a single dad. After a lot of research, this was found to be true, so she started trying to talk to him. The woman discussed with the after school care staff that she liked the man. So they agreed to her request and agreed to give Dorily’s number to the man. Before giving the number, the two bumped into each other once and Dorily could not speak to the man at that time. However, as soon as the man got the number, a few hours later he messaged her and asked her to go on a date.

both of them got married
After that, both of them started meeting. The man’s name was Shawn. Both of them fell in love with each other. Their children also got along well with each other. Both of them got married in a few months, and according to Newsweek, they have been married for 6 months now. Both of them are happy now, but when they mentioned their story on social media, people said that she had trapped Shawn because she was completely behind him and started spying. Both of them are very happy together now and are raising children together. Their children are also happy together. Stay connected with News18 Hindi to read such interesting news.

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