A miracle happened in the medical field, for the first time a pig’s kidney was fitted into a living human, amazing work of American doctors


Pig Kidney Transplant to Human: A miracle of the medical field has come to the fore in the world. For the first time, doctors have transplanted a kidney of a genetically modified pig into a human. This feat has been achieved by doctors of Massachusetts Hospital in America. Doctors have said that a successful kidney transplant has been done on 62-year-old Richard Slayman and he will be discharged from the hospital very soon. Doctors in Boston, America, transplanted Richard’s kidney on March 16. This news is very big in itself because the kidneys of people are deteriorating rapidly in the world and most of them need kidney transplant. This kidney usually matches with their close relatives. On the other hand, people do not even want to give their kidney to others. In such a situation, if a kidney is obtained from a pig, it will be a matter of great relief for the whole world.

Miracle of engineering in pig’s kidney
According to CNN’s report, Richard has been suffering from diabetes for a long time. Later his kidneys got damaged. After being on dialysis for seven years, Richard’s kidney transplant was done in the same hospital in 2018, which was a human kidney. But within 5 years his kidney failed. The kidney that has been implanted in Richard is of a pig developed at the eGenesis of Cambridge Center in Massachusetts. Scientists removed the gene from this pig which was a threat to humans. Along with this, some human genes were also added which increased the capacity. The eGenesis company also deactivated those viruses from the pig which could cause infection in humans. In this way, the pig kidney that has been used is completely a miracle of engineering and it has very few pig qualities.

A boon for patients with kidney failure
According to the report published in the journal Nature, before transplanting a pig’s kidney into a human, the genes of another pig were engineered in a similar way and this genetically modified kidney was first transplanted into a monkey and it was kept alive for an average of 176 days. In another case, it was kept alive for more than two years. Dr. Robert Montgomery of Langone Transplant Institute at New York University said that this is a new chapter of progress in the field of gene transplantation.

Xenotransplantation means fitting the organs of one organism into the organs of another organism. He said that thousands of people around the world have to deal with the problem of kidney failure. If such an alternative arrangement for kidney is made, it can prove to be a milestone for the whole world. He said that in America alone, one lakh people are on the waiting list for organ transplantation. Of these, the highest number is for kidney transplant.

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