A man was in debt of 98 lakhs, salary was only 6 lakhs, he used such Jugaad and became rich in a jiffy


Viral News: It is said that if you have a strong will to do something, even difficult tasks become easy. This man has done the same. A man named Peter (name changed) had an education loan of Rs 98 lakh ($118,000), he used to earn only Rs 70 lakh ($85,000) annually from his job. Repaying the loan seemed very difficult, so he found a way by which he not only repaid his loan, but also earned Rs 1 crore 41 lakh i.e. $118,000 within a year.

Peter used to work as a security risk officer in a food delivery company in America, but he was not satisfied with his income. He took the help of YouTube to find a way to earn more money. Apart from his regular job, he joined a work from home job, that is, he started moonlighting.

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Talking to Business Insider, Peter said, ‘As soon as I found out about the job on LinkedIn, I knew I could do it.’ My only target was to double my income. I had to repay my student loan within two years. He said, ‘A job recruiter contacted me on LinkedIn and told me about a job matching my profile. I applied within two weeks and after the interview, I got the job.

Peter said that by doing two jobs simultaneously, I was not only able to pay off my loan, but also helped my friends with money. He said that the income was so much that I saved an emergency fund for 4 months in advance. He also advocated working between 30 and 60 hours a week.

Peter offered some advice for professionals looking to moonlight for extra income. First advice: If there are daily meetings in your job, then block them for other jobs, i.e. do not do any other job during working hours.

Second advice: Avoid overloading yourself with tasks and completing them too quickly. “Spread out your workouts and find a balance between being efficient and quick,” says Adam. “Don’t always try to be the hero and take on more work all the time.”

At the end: He suggested that if a person working too much starts feeling tired, he should take sick leave i.e. medical leave.

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