A man was carrying a 7 feet long ‘iron lung’ in his chest for 70 years, was living a hellish life! Now…


Polio is a disease caused by a dangerous virus which India has defeated. But cases of polio keep coming up in the world. This virus damages the body of polio infected people so much that their life becomes hell. A person living in America has lived with polio for 70 years. But now he has got relief from his painful life. This person, famous as Polio Paul, has died. He was alive due to a machine called Iron Lungs. In such a situation, it can be said that he did not have real human lungs in his chest, but iron lungs, which kept him alive. However, he himself was imprisoned in those lungs.

According to the Guinness World Record, polio spread rapidly in America in 1952. Thousands of children were affected by it. Paul Alexander was 6 years old then. He used to live in Dallas, Texas. One day he suddenly got high fever, body ache, neck pain. His mother understood that he too was affected by polio. There came a time when it became difficult for him to breathe, he was not even able to sit. Then he was immediately taken to the hospital. There were many children suffering from polio in the hospital.

polio paul

Paul became the longest-staying polio patient in this machine. (Photo: Guinness World Record)

Spent his life in a machine
The doctor initially said that he would not be able to survive, but then another doctor performed a tracheotomy surgery on him. In this surgery, a hole is made in the windpipe, through which the patient can breathe. After the surgery, he was kept in a big box, in which he had to spend the rest of his life. In 1952, this box was called iron lungs. These are not used now. Patients are kept in this machine when their lungs become completely useless. Patients breathe only by using the machine. This was a type of ventilator.

paul has died
Gradually he learned to live without the machine for some time, but then he needed the machine to sleep at night. According to the Daily Star report, on March 12, it was told on his GoFundMe page that he died on March 11. According to the Guinness World Records, Paul was the person who lived the longest with iron lungs. He completed his studies and became a lawyer with the help of this.

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