A man bought a 100-year-old book for such a high price that he could buy a luxurious bungalow! He brought it home by private plane


Many people are so fond of reading books that if they like a book, they buy it immediately, not even paying attention to its price. But sometimes one has to pay attention to the price, if that book is worth crores! Recently, when a businessman saw a 100 year old book being sold online, he decided that he would buy that rare book. But the amount of money he paid to buy that one book, a man can buy a luxurious bungalow.

man buy 11 crore rupees book usa

An American man bought a book worth Rs 11 crore. (Photo: Kennedy News and Media)

According to the report of Daily Star News website, 44-year-old Russell Brunson, who lives in Idaho, USA, is a businessman. He saw a book on eBay. The name of the book was The Law of Success. This book was written by American author Napoleon Hill in 1925. The first edition of this nearly 100-year-old book, signed by Napoleon, was being sold online. Seeing this, Russell felt like buying that book. The price of the book was 1.5 million dollars (more than 11 crore rupees).

man buy 11 crore rupees book usa

The book he bought was written 100 years ago by an American author. (Photo: Kennedy News and Media)

Paid a hefty amount for 1 book
He bargained with the book seller for about a month and convinced his wife too. Actually his wife was not in favour of spending so much money on just one book. But Russell explained to her that the book is very rare. So, he bought the book. But now his wife clearly told him that she will not buy anything else from now on. Russell is very fond of reading books, so when he saw this book, he could not resist buying it.

Brought home by private plane
In October 2020, when Russell, a father of 5 children, came to know that he had won the book, along with a collection of other books written by Napoleon Hill, he was overjoyed. He has spent a total of Rs 18 crore for all these things. You will be surprised to know that he wanted to protect this book from dust, that is why he brought it home in a private plane. Russell told that this book is the most expensive thing he has bought in his life.

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