A house as small as a matchbox is being sold, its width is only 10 feet, but you will be shocked to know the price!


Human beings have 3 main needs. Food, clothes and house. While earning food and clothing is still easy, housing is the most difficult need. People spend their entire lives and are not able to get a house built. Many people spend their entire life in rented houses. Nowadays, house prices are so high that even a small house is available for lakhs. But these days a house in America (USA house 10 feet wide) is in discussion which is being sold. It is as small as a matchbox. Only 10 feet wide. But you will be shocked to know the price of this house.

According to the report of Unilad website, a house is being sold near South Jacksonville Beach (South Jacksonville Beach, USA) in Florida. This is a house of 1,547 square feet, which is only 10 feet (10 feet wide house 5 crore rupees) wide and has 2 floors. The size of a typical house in Florida is 1700 square feet. In comparison, this house will be considered small. The entire property is in one line.

FIRST PUBLISHED: May 16, 2024, 08:16 IST

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