A crocodile suddenly appeared in the middle of the road, people got scared, but kept making videos, then the man caught it with his bare hands like this!


It is said that one should not make an enemy of a crocodile while living in water. This is because crocodiles can prove to be extremely dangerous. But apart from water, these crocodiles catch their prey very fast on land and drag it into the water. If this dangerous creature catches someone in its jaws, it is very difficult for him to survive. But there are some people who teach a lesson to this dangerous creature. Something similar was seen in Jacksonville, Florida in America.

Actually, an 8-foot long crocodile suddenly started crawling on the streets of Northside of Jacksonville last Sunday. The people around were scared to see it. Despite this, they started making videos. After seeing the crocodile, the police called Florida’s MMA fighter 34-year-old Mike Dragic, who was watching a hockey match with his family, to catch it. Mike, known as ‘Blue Collar Brawler’, has experience in catching crocodiles. But at that time he did not have any equipment to catch it. Despite this, he reached to catch it.

As soon as Mike saw the crocodile, he tried to catch it. He caught this dangerous creature with his open hands and threw it down. During this, the crocodile was repeatedly trying to counterattack, but Mike’s grip was strong. Mike first climbed on its back, then held its mouth so that it could not attack. Later he tied its mouth with tape and lifted it in his lap. During this time, the people present there kept making videos.

Mike Dragich said that the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office informed the FWC about the crocodile and they sent me. I was watching a hockey match at that time, which was just 5 minutes away from finishing. But I left the match in between and after catching the crocodile, I went back to watch hockey. Let us tell you that such incidents are very common in the Jacksonville area of ​​Florida in the month of April. Often crocodiles come on the streets in search of a partner.

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