A beautiful woman, a confidant and 12 people… Donald Trump’s fate hangs on the scales of religion



The hearing of the case against Donald Trump in the hush money case has reached its final stage.It is alleged that Trump had a relationship with adult star Stormy Daniels and paid her to keep her mouth shut.In this case, the judge has now left the decision of Donald Trump’s fate to 12 jury members.

New York. Donald Trump, who was once a shining star in the business world, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons ever since he became the President of America. Sometimes people criticized him for his language and sometimes for his actions. However, despite all this, he remained firm and is now preparing to try his luck in the presidential election once again. However, a lawsuit can dash all his hopes. This case against Donald Trump is no less than the story of a blockbuster film. There is a porn star, a close lawyer who has now become a ‘traitor’ and a lot of money is involved. It is alleged that Trump got this money for the porn star through his confidant lawyer, so that she does not reveal his secrets… such secrets which can push Trump’s beautiful life into the dungeon, can shatter all his dreams.

Trump’s fate hangs in the hands of 12 people
This case against Donald Trump was named Hush Money Trial, that is, a case of paying money to keep mouth shut… The hearing in this case has been completed and now the court will give its verdict on his honor, luck and his desire to become president again. Trump’s fate now rests in the hands of 12 people. Among them are 7 men and 5 women, who are common citizens of New York. This will probably be a unique moment in American history when the decision of the former president’s fate will be directly in the hands of common people, who become jury members in exchange for a very nominal fee.

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Judge Yuan Merchan, who is hearing the hush money trial against Trump, has asked these 12 jury members to reach a decision by consulting among themselves whether the former US President is guilty in the hush money case or not. Their decision will depend on whether Trump will again occupy the white marble White House or will be confined to the pages of history as an infamous president.

The battlefield became the court room
On Tuesday, there was such a heated debate on this case for about 10 hours that it seemed as if the court room had become a battlefield. After these final arguments of the lawyers of both sides, the hearing of the case reached its final stage.

During the hearing of this case, government lawyer Joshua Steinglass told the jury, ‘You have to put aside the distractions, the press, politics, the noise. Focus on the evidence and the logical conclusions that can be drawn from it. In the interest of justice and in the name of the people of New York, I request you to convict the defendant (Trump).’

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In this case, government lawyers accused the former president of ‘conspiracy and cover-up’. They say that Trump gave money to adult film star Stormy Daniels and manipulated financial records to hide this fact and then deceived voters in the 2016 presidential election.

Trump declared himself innocent
Donald Trump has denied any relationship with Stormy Daniels and has pleaded innocent in the case. His chief defense lawyer Todd Blanch tried to question the credibility of the case’s main witness Michael Cohen. He called Cohen, who called former President Trump a ‘thug’, the ‘biggest liar ever’. Along with this, he also stressed that the former president did not commit any crime and there is no evidence that Trump planned to pay Daniels to keep her mouth shut.

There are 34 criminal cases going on against Trump in this hush money case. Now the decision in this case has been left to the jury. To convict Trump, the jury will first have to see that he tampered with the financial documents and this was done with the intention of hiding some other crime. There is no time limit on the jury members to reach the decision, but once they reach the decision, it will echo all over the world.

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