A 75 year old grandfather got trapped in the trap of a 37 year old woman, she wasted 6 crores, then what happened…


Biggest Scam Online: Cybercrime is spreading rapidly all over the world. Every day people get caught in its trap and lose their lifelong earnings or a large amount of money. In the same sequence, a 75-year-old American man lost Rs 6 crores after getting caught in the trap of online romance. The dream of connecting with a 37-year-old Chinese woman on the online platform LinkedIn and falling in love with her took away his lifelong earnings and now he is knocking at the doors of the police and the FBI.

Known as “Pig Butchering”, this online scammers website hires actors who pretend to be women and talk to people to lure them. These actors trick innocent people into investing money in fraudulent schemes and then when they get the money, they stop talking to that person and disappear.

What happened?
The scammer met the victim online posing as a 37-year-old divorced woman named “Violin Chen”. She narrated her sad story and then promised to share a future together. When the elderly man slowly started getting trapped in her trap, she started talking to him about investing money. The Violin scammer told the man that her uncle has a trading platform in which he should invest.

Somehow he convinced the old man to invest about 1500 dollars. For this, he helped the old man in everything from opening an account to how to invest. In the beginning, his money was seen growing to 1.5 million dollars. In greed for this, he sold all his savings and mutual funds and invested about 3 lakh dollars in the trading account.

He realized that he had been scammed when he went to withdraw his money from the trading app. The scammer blocked his request and said that if he wanted the money, he would have to pay extra charges. In total, he had invested 7 lakh dollars.

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