A 14-year-old boy swallowed a coin, it got stuck in his stomach in such a way that the doctor had to sweat to remove it!


Parents often take care that their children do not mischievously put something in their mouth that may go into their stomach and harm them. Even if they eat it, it comes out within 1-2 days. But sometimes some things get stuck in the child’s throat, and to make it go away parents feed them rice balls or some other hard thing. But have you ever heard that a coin gets stuck in somebody’s throat, but not in his food pipe, but in his speaking pipe, i.e., vocal cord? (Coin stuck in vocal cord) Recently this happened with a boy from America.

According to the report of Daily Star News website, recently a clinical report of a 14-year-old California boy (California boy coin stuck in vocal cord) was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The report said that the boy had swallowed a quarter, i.e. a coin. The surprising thing is that the coin got stuck in the vocal cord and not in the esophagus. When we eat something, it goes into our stomach through the esophagus. But this did not happen in this boy’s case. Rather it went into the vocal cord.

coin stuck in vocal cord

It was very difficult to remove it. (Photo: New England Journal of Medicine)

Coin stuck in vocal cord
The coin got stuck in the vocal cord as if the cord was a slot for the coin. When the child reached the hospital near the time the coin got stuck, the problem he was facing was hoarseness of voice and difficulty in swallowing. The doctors found that he was breathing comfortably and was not even drooling. But when they saw the coin in the scan, they were shocked. It was stuck in a very complex place in the vocal cord.

Doctors removed the coin with great difficulty
The young man was given general anesthesia and then the doctors used a long, optical forceps with a camera attached to it to remove the coin from this complicated area. As soon as the coin was removed, his problem was solved. The only concern of the doctors was that the coin being in his throat for a long time might cause him trouble in breathing.

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