74 year old woman took her last breath, preparations for funeral started, then a strange sound started coming from the coffin!


It is very difficult for the family and friends of any person to leave this world. Everyone wants that the deceased person returns from his last journey, gets up from his coffin or bier. But this is not possible. But imagine what will happen if this really happens! Happiness is one thing, but people will also be very surprised. People in America also got similar surprise, when a dead woman started breathing again. She was put in the coffin (USA dead woman comes back to life), but suddenly a voice started coming from it.

According to the report of the Daily Star News website, 74-year-old Constance Glantz lived in an ashram for the elderly and the sick. On Monday morning, her health deteriorated and she stopped breathing. The people present in the ashram declared her dead and preparations began to take her to the funeral home in Nebraska (Nebraska, USA).

woman comes alive usa

Police are investigating how the doctor declared him dead. (Photo: Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook)

The doctor had declared the woman dead
But during the funeral, a worker noticed that she was still breathing. Suddenly the police was called and the funeral home workers were also summoned. The woman was given CPR and then she was immediately sent to the hospital. The surprising thing is that when she was in the ashram, a doctor had examined her and had also signed her death certificate declaring her dead.

Information given to woman’s family
Lancaster County Chief Deputy Ben Houchin said in his statement that such an incident has never happened before in his 31-year career. He has not found any criminal conspiracy on the part of the nursing home. However, the matter is being investigated by the police. The woman is alive, healthy, and her family has been informed about it.

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